This document describes the process to allocate licenses to users from QlikView Server (QVS) through the License Lease process.

This document can be downloaded as a PDF by using the link at the bottom of the page.


1. Licence leasing must be enabled from the QlikView Management Console
The user attempting the licence lease has been assigned a Named User CAL
The server being connected to isn’t designated as ‘test’ in the server LEF
Port 4747 is open between the user’s PC and the QlikView server

Licence Status

The licence status of QlikView desktop can be checked in the Start Page by selecting ‘Licence Information’ from the Resources area


If a licence lease is already present it will state ‘QlikView User Licence (using licence lease from server)’.

If a licence isn’t present, it will state ‘QlikView Person Edition’.


Leasing a Licence

To lease a licence from the server, follow the steps below:

1. Start QlikView desktop if not already open

2. Navigate to File -> Open in Server from the toolbar at the top

3. The Connect to Server dialogue box will appear


4. Enter QlikView server name into Server box and click connect

5. Drill down through the presented folders until .qvw documents are visible in the bottom box

6. Highlight the smallest document and select open (Only opened to lease the licence, so smallest document will be quicker).

7. Close QlikView desktop and reopen.

8. Check in licence information to confirm that the dialogue now states ‘QlikView User Licence (using licence lease from server)’.


· A licence lease is valid for 30 days. If the PC is connected to the same network as the QlikView server, this will perpetually renew.

· Each named user CAL is permitted to lease a licence from two instances of QlikView desktop. If a third attempt is made, no error is given, it will just stay as a personal edition instance.

· If the corresponding named CAL is removed, the licence will complete its 30 day lease before expiring.