This document describes the process of allocating QlikView document CALs via the QlikView management console (QMC)

This document can be downloaded in PDF format by using the link at the bottom of the page.


To be able to access the QMC a user must be present in the QlikView Administrators security group on the local server

Document CAL summary

Document CALs are assigned to the server from the licence file that is imported when the QlikView server licence is applied.

A summary of the document CAL status can be obtained from the QMC which can be access from the following URL: http://<servername>:4780/qmc

Navigate to Documents -> User Documents and select a qvw

On the right hand side, select Document CALs. The Summary is presented at the top of the pane


Document CALs available on server

The number of document CALs available in the licence

Document CALs not allocated on server

Number of CALs that haven’t been assigned to a document

Document CALs allocated to this document

Number of CALs assigned to the currently selected qvw

Document CALs embedded in document

A specific CAL type that is now rarely used

Document CALs assigned to users

Of the CALs allocated to this document, how many are in use


Allocating Document CALs

Navigate to Documents -> User Documents and select a qvw

On the right hand side, select Document CALs.

Below the summary under the heading Document CALs, there is an input box that allows you to allocate a number of CALs to the currently selected document:

Enter a number that is equal to, or less that the number of Document CALs not allocated on the server as displayed in the summary further up the screen.

Once entered, click the Apply button in the bottom right hand corner.

Allow Dynamic CAL assignment option

If this option is used, a new document CAL will automatically be granted to a user connecting to this QlikView document for the first time, as long as there are available document CALs to assign.

The CAL assignment will remain until manually deleted.


Manually assigning Document CALs to users

This can be performed if Allow Dynamic CAL assignment option is selected or not.

Click the user selection button on the right hand side


A Manage users pop up will appear.

Search for the user by NT user name as defined in Active Directory. * can be used as a wildcard.

Select the user from the search results and click Add to move them to the Selected Users area.


Multiple users can be added through additional searches.

Once complete, click ok, and then apply to confirm the change.


Removing assigned Document CALs

To remove an assigned document CAL, click the red cross corresponding to the user on the right hand side.


Then click Apply.

Quarantine Period

Document CALs are subject to a 24 hour quarantine period.

If the CAL hasn’t been used for the last 24 hours it will be deleted immediately, and the CAL placed back into that document's pool.

If it has been used within that 24 hour period, it will enter a quarantined state until 24 hours since its last use has passed.

The user will not be able to access the document while it’s in a quarantined state.