This document describes the process of importing a Qlik Sense .qvf file into Sense server. This app will then be available for development and publishing to a Stream.

(If using Qlik Sense Desktop, the .qvf app files are located in C:\Users\<user>\Documents\Qlik\Sense\Apps)


  • Qlik Sense server installed and licenced
  • Browser must support HTML5 upload
  • User must have been assigned either Root Admin, Security Admin, or Content Admin role


  • Open the Qlik Sense Management Console by navigating to https://<server name>/QMC
  • Select Apps from the Start screen (1)

  • Select Import from the Apps screen (2)

  • Click the Choose File button (3) and navigate to where the .qvf Qlik Sense file is stored

  • Change the App name if you are not happy with the default (4) and click Import (5)

  • Progress will be shown in the bottom right corner

The App will now be available in the QMC for publishing, and in the Qlik Sense Hub ‘My Work’ section for the user that performed the import.