Recommended Qlik NPrinting Service Stop and Start Order


Qlik NPrinting Server and Engine can be installed on the same computer.

Qlik NPrinting Server consists of four separate components and they can be stopped and started independently.

There is a dependencies control in newer versions so don't worry if you try to stop the Windows services in the wrong order.

A suggested order to stop and start the services is below.

Service Stop Order


Stop Qlik NPrinting Engine

Stop Qlik NPrinting Scheduler

Stop Qlik NPrinting Web Engine

Stop QlikNPrintingRepoService

Stop QlikNPrintingMessagingService

Service Start Order

Start QlikNPrintingMessagingService

Start QlikNPrintingRepoService

Start Qlik NPrinting Web Engine

Start Qlik NPrinting Scheduler

Start Qlik NPrinting Engine